Amber Plan for Kansas

updated 3/13/15

WebsiteKansas Amber Plan
Administrating AgencyKansas Bureau of Investigation
ContactDerek Welsh
Kansas Bureau of Investigation
1-800-KS CRIME
Steps for ActivationRequirements for law enforcement:

1. Only authorized personnel within a law enforcement agency may activate the Plan.
2. The information collected on the victim must be entered to NCIC missing person file as soon as possible.
3. Upon deciding to activate the AMBER Plan, authorized law enforcement personnel should provide the AMBER Alert personnel with all information they deem necessary.

The law enforcement agency must have decided to open a major case investigation on the abduction in order for an AMBER Alert to be issued, and they must have the proper reports of the incident available for review by the AMBER Alert committee at their request.
Criteria for ActivationIt is very important that the AMBER Plan not be overused, too many notifications take the urgency out of an alert. Therefore strict guidelines have been set-up to ensure the importance of the AMBER Alert remains intact.


1. The child should be 17 years-of-age or younger or have a proven mental or physical disability.
2. Law enforcement must believe the child is in danger of serious bodily harm or death.
3. There is information to disseminate to the general public which could assist the recovery of the victim or apprehension of the suspect.
4. Does my child qualify for an AMBER Alert?

In order to issue an AMBER Alert there must be enough information to report on the victim or suspect, their descriptions, direction of travel, or other substantial facts that the public can look out for.

The child must be 17 years or younger, or possess a physical or mental handicap.

The evidence must show the child is in immediate threat of great bodily harm or death.

The evidence must also show the victim is likely to be in the broadcast area.

In order for an AMBER Alert to be issued, information is required in at least one of the following ways:

* The victims or suspects information or descriptions
* The direction of travel
* Or, other substantial facts the public can look out for

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