Amber Plan for Nebraska

updated 3/13/15

WebsiteNebraska Amber Alert Notification
Administrating AgencyNebraska State Patrol
ContactSgt. Jeromy McCoy
Nebraska State Patrol
Steps for ActivationThe Amber Plan is activated only when the specific requirements of the plan are met as outlined above; therefore, the Amber Plan is not activated for every child abduction or custody dispute.

After receiving a report of a child kidnapping, the local law enforcement agency determines if the child kidnapping meets the requirements of the Amber Plan. If it does, the agency contacts the Nebraska State Patrol (NSP) to request activation of the Amber Plan. NSP then verifies the information and activates the Emergency Alert System (EAS) through National Weather Service (NWS) and the information is broadcast over the National Weather Service EAS System.

When the information is broadcast over the NWS system, it will immediately be delivered to all radio stations and television stations in Nebraska. Participating stations then re-broadcast the information at regular intervals.

If the child is recovered or the status of the case changes within the first 24 hours, the reporting law enforcement agency must notify the Nebraska State Patrol. An AMBER Alert Cancellation will then be broadcast over the EAS system through the NWS. After 24 hours, no formal AMBER Cancellation will be broadcast over the EAS system through the NWS. Instead, the reporting law enforcement agency must notify the Nebraska State Patrol of changes in the case. That information will be posted on the AMBER Alert page of the Nebraska State Patrol web site.
Criteria for Activation1. The Nebraska Amber Plan requires law enforcement to meet the following criteria when evaluating a child abduction. Authorities must have all parts of the scenario present before an activation can occur. The guidelines are as follows:

a.) The child is the age of 17 or younger.
b.) Police have reason to believe the child is in danger of serious bodily harm or death.
c.) There is sufficient information available concerning the suspected abductor that the public can respond.
d.) The notifying law enforcement agency has participated in AMBER training for purposes of issuing AMBER Alerts.
e.) The plan is not intended for use in runaway or child custody situations.
Scope of Amber AlertStatewide
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