Amber Plan for New Mexico

updated 3/13/15

WebsiteNew Mexico Amber Alert
Administrating AgencyNew Mexico State Police
ContactSgt. Emmanuel Gutierrez
New Mexico State Police
Steps for Activation* 770 KKOB Radio, owned by Cumulus Communications, is the designated ‘state primary station’ for the Emergency Alert System. They are at the ‘top’ of the information pyramid if you will.

* Every radio and television station in the state that is licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is required to monitor their EAS equipment.

* The agency investigating the abduction can call 770 KKOB Radio, and record a message for broadcast over the EAS (if that agency has entered into an agreement with Citadel Communications).

* 770 KKOB Radio will then broadcast the message over the EAS. Essentially, a statewide broadcast of the Amber Alert will occur.

* There are stringent rules as to when an ‘Amber Alert’ may be broadcast. This helps alleviate false alarms and over-use of the system.
Criteria for Activation* There must be evidence of a non-family OR custodial abduction of a Child 17 years of age or less

* There must be specific information concerning the abductor and/or child, which would prove useful to the public in hopes of recovering the child

* There must be reason to believe the child is in imminent danger of bodily harm or death

* The child must have already been entered in to NCIC as missing
Scope of Amber AlertStatewide
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