Amber Plan in Ohio

updated 3/13/15

WebsiteOhio's Amber Plan
Administrating AgencyOhio Department of Public Safety
ContactCaptain Rob Jackson
Department of Public Safety
Emergency Operations Center
Steps for ActivationAmber Alert Initiation

Activate Local EAS

If unable to activate locally, notify state AMBER Alert Duty Officer when contacted. NCIC Entry
1. Complete the LEADS/NCIC Missing Persons Entry.
2. Control Field (MNP) = AA (AMBER Alert).
3. Message Key (MKE) = EME (Entry Endangered) or EMI (Entry Involuntary).

If you have questions or issues regarding an AMBER Alert contact the Ohio State Highway Patrol Communications Center (614) 466-2660 to speak with the AMBER Alert Duty Officer.
Once the AMBER Alert (AA) entry is made into the LEADS/NCIC System you will receive a call from the AMBER Alert Duty Officer. A representative with authority to make decisions needs to be available to discuss the alert and answer the following questions:

* Confirm AMBER Alert Criteria.
* Have you activated the local EAS system for your region?
* If not, do you want the OSHP to activate your region also?
* Are you requesting other states to issue an alert?
* What regions will be activated?
* Have you notified your local Child Abduction Response Team (CART)?
* What number do you want the 1-877-AMBER-OH number routed to? (Recommend not to dispatch area).

Alert Actions

Emergency Alert System (EAS) is initiated in the indicated regions.

The OHLEG Application is initiated, which automatically sends out e-mail to media outlets.

1-877-AMBER-OH telephone line is activated.

A statewide administrative message teletype is sent out to all law enforcement agencies.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) initiates secondary notifications, including Wireless Emergency Alert and Facebook.

Ohio Department of Transportation Highway Signs are activated if available in the affected regions.

Statewide MCT message to all OSHP troopers.

Statewide and/or regional law enforcement radio broadcast.

Other regional notifications systems are activated when indicated (Lottery terminals, Trucker Alerts, billboards, Nixle, etc.).

Canceling an AMBER Alert o Once the child is recovered, send LEADS cancellation screen. o AMBER Alert Duty Officer will contact agency to discuss alert cancellation after time period (48 hours).
Criteria for ActivationAMBER Alert Criteria:

1. Law enforcement confirms the child is under 18 years of age.
2. Law enforcement believes the abduction poses a credible threat of immediate danger or serious bodily harm or death to the child.
3. There is sufficient descriptive information about the child, the suspect, and/or the circumstances surrounding the abduction to believe that activation of the alert will help locate the child.
4. A law enforcement agency determines the child is not a runaway and has not been abducted as a result of a family abduction, unless the investigation determines the child is in immediate danger of serious bodily harm or death.
Scope of Amber AlertStatewide
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