Amber Plan for Oklahoma

updated 3/13/15

WebsiteOklahoma Amber Alert
Administrating AgencyOklahoma Highway Patrol
ContactGene Thaxton
Oklahoma Highway Patrol Communications Center
Steps for ActivationAfter receiving a report of a possible child abduction, the local law enforcement agency conducts an investigation to determine if the reported child abduction meets the requirements of the Amber Plan. If the investigation determines that an abduction has occurred, the law enforcement agency will fill out the Amber Plan activation form on OLETS. To access the Amber Plan activation form, the law enforcement agency’s dispatcher will by simultaneously holding down the ‘Ctrl and “G” functions on the computer keyboard and then typing in the word ‘Alert’. The dispatcher then enters information into the form concerning the abduction. When the information has been entered, the information is sent electronically to the DPS Communications Center.

NOTE: If the reporting agency does not have an OLETS Terminal, the agency should contact the OLETS Terminal Agency that services their law enforcement information requests. The reporting agency may contact the OLETS Network Center @ 405-425-2232, should they have any questions or need to contact the Amber Plan Coordinator.

The DPS Communication Center, upon receiving the child abduction information, will forward the information to Oklahoma’s Amber Alert Coordinator. It is the responsibility of the Amber Alert Coordinator to verify with the reporting agency the information on the abduction prior to issuing the Amber Alert.

The Amber Plan is activated by simultaneously utilizing four (4) mediums of communication: 1) Amber Plan information is broadcast over Oklahoma’s State Emergency Alert System (EAS) through Clear Channel Communications, 2) The Amber Plan information is sent electronically through OLETS to all law enforcement agencies statewide, 3) programmed ‘Amber Alert’ messages are sent electronically to Oklahoma’s Department of Transportation Intelligent Traffic Systems digital road signs, 4) The Amber Alert is sent via e-mail to all participating partners of the ‘Public-Private Sector E-mail Database’ and those that have supplied cell phone or pager contact information.

The information sent through Clear Channel Communications is delivered immediately to all participating radio and television stations throughout Oklahoma. Although the Amber Alert is sent out only once through the State EAS system, participating radio and television stations are requested to announce the Amber Alert information every half hour for the next two hours, then one time per hour for the next three hours.

Updates and cancellations concerning the Amber Alert will be disseminated to all law enforcement agencies through OLETS by the investigating agency.

DPS will provide up-dated or cancellation information to each public-private partner. Each public-private partner is responsible for providing up-dated information or canceling the Amber Alert and any information it has disseminated through its communications systems.

The TV and Radio media, by broadcasting frequent public alerts about the descriptions of the victim(s), suspect(s) and other vital information during the first hours of an abduction, is crucial to the recovery to the abducted child.

A Law enforcement agency must meet two (2) criteria when evaluating a possible child abduction in order to activate the Amber Plan.

Law enforcement agencies must have both parts of the scenario present before an activation of the alert can occur. The guidelines are as follows:

The Amber Plan should only be activated when a child 17 years of age or younger, or an individual under proven mental or physical disability is abducted and there is reason to believe the victim is in imminent danger of serious bodily injury or death.


There is information available to disseminate to law enforcement agencies and the general public which could assist in the safe recovery of the victim and/or the apprehension of a suspect.
Scope of Amber AlertStatewide
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