Amber Plan for South Dakota

updated 3/16/15

WebsiteSouth Dakota Amber Alert
Administrating AgencySouth Dakota Bureau of Information & Technology
ContactWayne Hayden-Moreland
Bureau of Info. Technology

Pierre State Radio
Steps for ActivationSouth Dakota Amber Alert Standards
Broadcaster Participation

1. Amber Alert activation requests must be made to the Emergency Alert System (EAS) State Relay and/or Local Primary stations. Local Primary stations are responsible for training their staff in Amber Alert activbation procedures.

2. No Local Primary station shall activate an Amber Alert request received directly from a law enforcement agency located outside the State of South Dakota. Any out of state agency attempting to activate an Amber Alert in the State of South Dakota must be directed to the proper South Dakota agency.

3. Local Primary stations thta receive Amber Alert activation requests must broadcast them in a timely manner.

4. EAS Participating Stations will rebroadcast Amber Alert activbations in accordance with EAS procedures.

5. Program Control
* Broadcasters and cable television operators' acceptance of, or participation in the South Dakota Amber Alert plan does not affect program control and does not prohibit a licensee from exercising independent discretion and responsibility in any given situation
*Broadcast stations and cable systems originating EAS emergency messages shall be deemed to have conferred rebroadcast authority.
* The Federal Communications Commission Rules and Regulations provide the concept of management of each broadcast station and cable system to exercise discretion regarding the broadcast of emergency information and instructions to the general public.

6. Participating stations that receive a request for an Amber Alert activation from an authorized law enforcement agency should refer that request to the oparational area Local Primary Station.
Criteria for ActivationThe criteria for declaring an Amber Alert is as follows:

1. The request to declare an Amber Alert must come from a Law Enforcement Agency.

2. There must be credible evidence that a child under 18 years old has been abducted.

3. There must be evidence that the child is in danger of bodily harm or death.

4. There must be enough credible and useful information from eyewitnesses or other sources that could assist in the safe recovery of the child and arrest of the suspect.
Scope of Amber AlertStatewide
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