Amber Plan for Wyoming

updated 3/16/15

WebsiteWyoming Amber Alert
Administrating AgencyWyoming Attorney General
ContactTim Olsen
Wyoming Office of the Attorney General
Division of Criminal Investigation
Steps for ActivationOnce the Amber Alert criteria are met, concise information is put together for public distribution. The information may include descriptions and pictures of the missing child, the suspected abductor and a suspected vehicle, for example. Local law enforcement makes the determination that the missing child meets the criteria for an Amber Alert and faxes information to the DCI for review.

If all criteria are met, DCI then forwards the information to the Cheyenne National Weather Service office via fax or the Emergency Alert System decoder system. The Amber Alert would then be broadcast to member EAS sites for dissemination to the public. If vehicle information is available, the Wyoming Department of Transportation would be contacted to initiate an alert message on the electronic highway signs where available around the state.

A request to deactivate an Amber Alert would proceed in the same manner as the request. Upon notification to DCI from the local law enforcement agency, the division would initiate a cancellation of the alert with both the National Weather Service and WyDOT.

Wyoming is working closely with the five surrounding states in the Amber Alert plan. Wyoming has agreed to initiate an Amber Alert on behalf of Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Montana and South Dakota, if the given state has already issued its alert. These same five states have agreed to reciprocate should Wyoming issue an alert.

The Wyoming Amber Alert Plan has only been possible due to the cooperative efforts of the Amber Alert Advisory Group. The Wyoming Amber Advisory Group includes the National Weather Service, Wyoming Association of Broadcasters, Wyoming Sheriffs and Chiefs Association, Wyoming Emergency Management Agency, Wyoming Department of Transportation and the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation.
Criteria for ActivationThe following criteria must be met to issue an Amber Alert in Wyoming:

1. Confirmation by a law enforcement agency that a child has been abducted.

2. The abducted child is 18 years of age or younger.

3. Circumstances surrounding the abduction indicate that the child is in danger of serious bodily harm or death.

4. Sufficient descriptive information exists about the child, the abductor, and/or the suspect's vehicle to believe an immediate broadcast alert will help.
Scope of Amber AlertStatewide
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