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Casey’s Eyes!

The Anthony women have pretty eyes. Like her mother before her and her daughter for a brief moment in time, Casey’s large almond shaped, blue-green eyes once held an alluring quality. They drew women to her side and men into her bed. They seemed to express joy in portraits and candid shots taken with her daughter, little Caylee. They even captivated a lawyer, who waded into the deep end of the pool before he realized that he didn’t know how to swim. Now Casey’s eyes stare straight ahead, toggling between occasional bursts of anger and lifelessness as real as the little girl in the duffel bag that she tossed into the swamp.

When young Casey decided to escape reality and depend upon deception and ploys to achieve her goals, her eyes kept her secret. When she was with friends they expressed carefree desire, and when she was with her family they were guarded.  However, now that the details of her deceit are being revealed one after the other, her eyes have finally betrayed her evil intent. The jury, sitting mere yards away, on the opposite side of the courtroom, cannot avoid the blank stares as her world unravels. The unblinking lens of the television pool camera transmits every blank expression around the world before she can hope to wipe away the next non-existent tear.

If eyes are truly the window to the soul, Casey is in deep trouble. Instead of shining brightly Casey’s eyes are absorbing the light, turning the courtroom into a dark chamber of her tortured heart.

Like a vampire caught in the bright light of a desert noon, Casey has nowhere to hide.

Double, Double Toil and Trouble; Fire Burn, and Caldron Bubble

When lies roll off of a tongue as easily as water runs downstream, and those lies convince you that water actually runs upstream, you know that you are dealing with an accomplished liar. When the details of those lies are intricate, multi-generational and occasionally grounded in reality, you know that you are dealing with a master manipulator.

Casey Anthony had distilled a fantasy life that suited her purposes: she didn’t have to work, she had few responsibilities; and she had a circle of ever changing hot-body friends that would host her at trendy nightclubs and in-house parties.

Life was not perfect however. The carefully crafted happy, no sweat, no worry demeanor that she displayed to friends turned bitter and resentful in the home she shared with her family. Casey seemed in constant conflict with her mother, avoiding real issues through fabrication and deceit in order to secure a roof over her head and stability in her life.

Little Caylee, the daughter that her mother Cindy pressured her not to put up for adoption hampered her lifestyle and further exposed her shortcomings as a tug of war for the affections of the toddler erupted between mother Casey and grandmother Cindy. As much as she needed her family to manage the necessities of life, she needed her freedom to enjoy “La Bella Vita”.

This bubbling cauldron of desire, deceit, resentment, and need brewed a toxic concoction that would expose a family’s twisted psychology, naked desires, unholy bonds and homicidal tendencies.

Sex, Lies and Videotape

The environment of emotional overload in the Casey Anthony murder trial has been replaced by an atmosphere of objectivity as law enforcement testimony begins. Emotion has been replaced by reason, and investigative clarity has trumped obfuscation. Lies are amplified even more when they are repeated by the law enforcement professionals who interacted with the family. Now that the police are testifying it is becoming increasingly difficult to extend the abuse excuse for Casey Anthony’s behavior. For the time being, the case moves from the dysfunctional family dynamic to behavior, storyline and lies. Casey has free will, and her choices are her responsibility, regardless of the circumstances of her life.

The investigation concluded that Casey’s employment claims were false, that her litany of friends and associates, including Zanny  the nanny, were fantasy, and that her convoluted explanation that, “I’ve been looking for her (Caylee) and have gone through other resources to try to find her,” is as ludicrous as it is disingenuous.  Casey’s July 16, 2008 handwritten statement to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office has proven to be a total fabrication. None of the persons named in the elaborate storyline even existed, and none of the events occurred. As the extent of deceit becomes more obvious one has to conclude that Casey Anthony has been exposed and that it is becoming increasingly difficult for her to hide behind the litany of lies that she has spent her adult life building.

How does the defense counter the wall of evidence that is being constructed by law enforcement? Since they cannot effectively impeach the institutions, they go after the individual investigators and attempt to dismantle the wall of evidence brick by brick by brick. They accuse the lead investigator Yuri Melich of unprofessionalism because he briefly blogged on the popular Websleuths true crime website. The judge didn’t buy it. Just like the big bad wolf in the Three Little Pigs, sometimes you can huff and you can puff, but you can’t blow the house down.

The Ultimate Betrayal

The Casey Anthony trial is demonstrating something I have known for far too long: the great drama in the courtroom is not demonstrated through stunning revelations; instead it is demonstrated via raw, unfiltered emotion. An intimate drama played out in court as the final and defining 911 call was being played for the jury, the call made by Cindy Anthony only moments after learning that her beloved granddaughter had been missing for more than a month. Prosecution witness Cindy Anthony slumps in the witness stand doubled over in the agony of loss, grieving for the three-year-old granddaughter that defined her world as her recorded voice repeated, “I have a 3-year-old who has been missing for a month.” At the defense table, murder defendant Casey Anthony offered the jury a peek into the black void of her soul, betraying no emotion as her mother’s voice reverberates throughout the courtroom, it smells like there’s been a dead body in the damn car.”

These are the kind of details that cannot fail to impress the jury.