What To Do If Your Child Disappears

Your child is missing. You are confused, even panicked. What do you do? Every case is different and the timeline escalation is dependent upon your unique situation. Pick and choose carefully, but remember: Never Give Up Hope!

Immediately call (911) and all other local law enforcement agencies: This should include the city police or county sheriff, and the State Police. If you have one, present your child’s Bio-Document to the responding officer. Insist that they enter the information into the National Crime Information Computer (NCIC) at once.

If predatory abduction is a real possibility notify the Federal Bureau of Investigation. FBI experience and resources are unsurpassed in law enforcement.

Create a local media contact list (TV Stations, Radio Stations, and Newspapers). Notify all local media assignment desks. You are your missing child’s best advocate so work with the Media – keep in mind that the public’s awareness about your missing child could be expedited by the broadcasting of details.

Create a social media campaign to inform the public about your missing child. Create a Facebook page that includes photos, videos, articles and links to television segments. If these elements do not yet exist they can be easily inserted after the fact. Also, create a Twitter feed that directs the public to your other social media profiles. This is the fastest and least expensive way to get the word out.

Contact the KlaasKids Foundation Search Center for Missing ChildrenOur services are free of charge. Our center will assist you with flyer creation.

If you have a home (land-line) phone make sure that it is staffed and is being traced at all times. Do not turn off your cell phone, even when charging.

Find a commercial printer. Volunteers will help you to post flyers in highly visible areas.

Your best chance of recovery is to encourage a coordinated response effort by law enforcement; media; your child find agency; and volunteers.

Take care to preserve your physical well-being. Seek emotional and psychological support from your church or social media agencies. Make sure that you sleep and eat regularly. Refrain from alcohol or other mind altering substances.

Remember – Never Give Up Hope! As long as you believe, hope remains eternal.