Template For Press Release

The best ways to ensure that your message is correctly and regularly communicated to the public and the press is by writing and distributing your own press releases. Simply ask reporters for their assignment desk facsimile numbers and use the example below as a template for daily press releases.

  • Be sure to distribute press releases at least one day in advance of an event so that assignment editors can schedule accordingly.
  • Double space and try to limit length to one page.
  • A well-written press release will contain the following information: Who (missing child); What (purpose of the press release); When (Will the event take place) and Where (Will the event take place).
  • Do not write and distribute uninformed press releases as they will dilute your impact instead of enhance your message.

Press Release


From: (Missing Child’s Name) Volunteer Center

Phone: (555) 555-5555 E-Mail:

Contact: Assigned Media Liaison (555) 555-5555

Subject: Blues & Gospel Fundraising Event for (Missing Child’s Name)

For Immediate Release

(City, State): A Blues and Gospel fundraising event for (Missing Child’s Name) will be held at (address) on (Day, Date and Time). Admission is free and funds will be raised for operational expenses of the (Missing Child’s Name) Volunteer Center.

Ten-percent of the bar receipts and BBQ proceeds and one hundred percent of raffle profits will be donated to the (Missing Child’s Name) Volunteer Center.

Raffle items include a twenty-five inch color TV, luggage, a life-sized teddy bear, $300.00 worth of Shell gas cards and other donated items. Raffle tickets are three for a dollar or an arms length for ten dollars. Attendees are encouraged to bring their long arms.

This event is being sponsored by (Name of Sponsor). Entertainment will be provided by the (Name of Band). You must be at least 21 years old to attend.