City Council Wish List

Most city governments hold regularly scheduled public meetings and offer citizens opportunities to voice their opinions, offer suggestions or declare complaints. This is an opportune time to address this issue. The chances are that most of the city council members have already heard of the case and are somewhat sympathetic to your cause. When it is your turn to speak have a flyer for the missing child and copies of the City Council Wish List available for each member of the governing body, attending media representatives and interested members of the public.

  • City Council approves a day honoring (Missing Child’s name) with a press conference wherein a Proclamation is presented to the (Missing Child’s name) Volunteer Center.
  • Office space for semi-permanent volunteer location.
  • Assistance in making (Missing Child’s name) mystery a countywide project, to include all incorporated and unincorporated communities within the local County.
  • Officially sanctioned high school volunteer efforts to include work at the official (Missing Child’s name) Volunteer Center.
  • Assistance from Mayor and City Council in contacting local high profile college or professional sports franchises to dedicate an upcoming game to (Missing Child’s name).
  • A city sponsored child safety day to include free fingerprinting/photographing of children at a local centrally located business center.
  • An officially sanctioned fundraising effort to include donation jars at local businesses.
  • Official sanctioning of Spaghetti Feed, including city council members serving or cooking the food.
  • City Council to organize a silent auction on behalf of (Missing Child’s name) to be held or not held at upcoming Spaghetti Feed.
  • The procedure for acquiring a business license in your community must include a commitment to post law enforcement approved missing person’s flyers in prominent business locations.
  • Encouraging the city government to utilize their resources to post billboard signage of (Missing Child’s name).