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“Searches must be well coordinated, controlled, and conducted, preferably by personnel trained in search and rescue techniques. Volunteers must be closely supervised and their actions documented.”

“Large-scale outdoor searches have proven successful when searchers have been briefed prior to the search by Search and Rescue Personnel. After such a briefing, the search should then be coordinated through one person who is responsible for overseeing the assignment of areas of responsibility and reviewing the results.”
FBI Child Abduction Response Plan

Laura Recovery Staff

You call 911 and utter the phrase that will reduce the most self possessed adult to a quivering mass of fear and indecision, “My child is missing”, and thus begins the nightmare. From this point forward every minute until your child is recovered plunges you into an ever-expanding downward spiral as you are faced with the grim reality that you don’t have a clue as to what to do; that control is a tenuous concept at best. Your child that has fallen prey to a kidnapper who can disappear at a mile a minute, so there is not a moment to lose; missteps are not an option; and equivocation can cost lives. This is where the KlaasKids Search Center can help.

The KlaasKids Search Center offers a highly trained search manager to assist in organizing a community search effort on behalf of a missing child. The Search Center will respond to child abductions when we are contacted by a family member of the missing child or by the jurisdictional law enforcement agency. We will provide on-site assistance in organizing a volunteer search effort while providing liaison with law enforcement, the community and the family.

There is never a cost for this service.
You can contact the KlaasKids Foundation Search Center by emailing

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