By The Numbers:

  • There are 750 death row inmates in California
  • They are responsible for killing 1,000 victims
  • Their victims include 229 murdered children
  • 43 murdered peace officers
  • 294 of the victims were sexually assaulted and tortured
  • More than 187,000 lawyers actively practice law in California, yet the State only employes 30 attorneys to handle death penalty appeals
  • Their work is augmented by a small number of private attorneys who work for $145/hour
  • A series of empirical studies have clearly shown that when executions in the USA increase, murders decrease, and when executions decrease, murders increase. Learn more

  • Don’t believe what they say about the death row exoneration list. Learn more

  • If you think California is executing innocent men follow this link and learn the truth.  Learn more

  • Death penalty opponents want you to believe that California has spent $5-billion to execute 13 death row inmates. That is simply not true! Learn more

  •  The ultimate irony is that death penalty abolitionists crave the execution of an innocent man so that their indignation can run amok, while those who favor the death penalty pray that an innocent is never executed so that the fragile system of ultimate justice can be preserved. Learn more

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