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“Many ask, what can I do to help in our fight? The answer is simple. All of us can become a September the 11th volunteer, by making a commitment to service in our own communities. So you can serve your country by tutoring or mentoring a child, comforting the afflicted, housing those in need of shelter and a home. You can participate in your Neighborhood Watch or Crimestoppers.”

President George W. Bush, November 8, 2001

We can protect ourselves from foreign terrorists by applying many of the same techniques that we use to protect ourselves from domestic terrorists and garden-variety psychopaths. President Bush is exactly right when he encourages us to focus in on our own neighborhoods and communities. Police chiefs, Sheriff’s and law enforcement officials have known for years that a well organized, comprehensive Neighborhood Watch program is one of the most effective weapons in our crime fighting arsenal.

By simply learning how to report suspicious individuals and incidents in our own neighborhoods to law enforcement in a timely and responsible manner we can cut crime rates, restrict the movement of terrorists or criminals and restore order. When we collectively muster the courage to stare the devil in the eye we challenge rather than yield to adversity and become part of the solution that our nation so desperately seeks.

Fight Back: Safeguard Your Community
KlaasKids Foundation representatives have spent years traveling throughout the United States experiencing the problems, fears, hopes and dreams that face communities grappling with issues of crime, safety, and now unfortunately, homeland security. We understand the pain of loss, the frustration of inaction and incompetence and the necessity of preparation, self-reliance and pro-active advocacy from first hand experience. So, we have taken many of the best ideas presented to us in numerous community forums, meetings, and one-on-one encounters and categorized them for your benefit. Some require partnerships; a roll up the sleeve approach and sometimes the benefits will not be instantly apparent: others are easily implemented, but just as critical. All are viable and proactive.

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