Megan’s Law for Arizona

updated 10/31/16

Contact Person: Department of Public Safety Sex Offender Compliance Unit (Phone) 602-255-0611; (Fax) 602-223-2949.
Offenders Required to Register: The internet sex offender website shall include the following offenders:

1. Any offender whose risk assessment has been determined to be a level two or level three.

2. Unless included under paragraph 1 of this subsection, any offender who was convicted of or adjudicated guilty except insane for any of the following completed offenses or the same or substantially similar offense in another state or jurisdiction:

(a) Sexual assault pursuant to section 13-1406.

(b) Sexual exploitation of a minor pursuant to section 13-3553 if the offender is at least twenty-one years of age and is sentenced pursuant to section 13-705.

(c) Commercial sexual exploitation of a minor pursuant to section 13-3552.

(d) Sexual abuse pursuant to section 13-1404 if the victim is under twelve years of age.

(e) Molestation of a child pursuant to section 13-1410 if the victim is under twelve years of age.

(f) Sexual conduct with a minor pursuant to section 13-1405 if the victim is under twelve years of age.

(g) Child prostitution pursuant to section 13-3212, subsection A or subsection B, paragraph 1 or 2.

(h) Taking a child for the purpose of prostitution pursuant to section 13-3206 if the victim is under twelve years of age.

(i) Luring a minor for sexual exploitation pursuant to section 13-3554 if the victim is under twelve years of age.

(j) Aggravated luring a minor for sexual exploitation pursuant to section 13-3560 if the victim is under twelve years of age.

(k) Continuous sexual abuse of a child pursuant to section 13-1417 if the victim is under twelve years of age.

Information Collected: Fingerprints, photo, DNA sample, all known names, any online identifiers and the name of any website where the identifiers are being used.
Administrating Agency: State Department of Public Safety. The county sheriff is responsible for registering sex offenders living within their county.
Timeframe for Registration:
  • New out of state offender: Within 10 days of entering state.
  • Change of address within the same county: Within 72 hours.
  • Change of address between counties: Within 10 days.
  • Upon release from prison: Within 10 days.
  • All registrations must be completed in person, on a sex offender registration form.
  • Time frames listed exclude weekends and legal holidays.
Applies to Out of State Offenders: Yes, if you are planning on staying within Arizona for more than 10 days.
Duration of Requirement: All persons required to register pursuant to this section are required to register for life except a person who is required to register because of a conviction for the unlawful imprisonment of a minor or the kidnapping of a minor. Absent additional or subsequent convictions a person convicted of either of those two offenses must register for a period of ten years from the date that the person is released from prison, jail, probation, community supervision or parole and the person has fulfilled all restitution obligations.
Verification of Address: The department of public safety shall annually verify the addresses of all sex offender registration records.Upon the person’s initial registration and every year after the person’s initial registration, the person shall obtain a new non-operating identification license or a driver license from the motor vehicle division in the department of transportation and shall carry a valid non-operating identification license or a driver license. The license shall be valid for one year from the date of issuance, and the person shall submit to the department of transportation proof of the person’s address. The motor vehicle division shall annually update the person’s photograph and shall make a copy of the photograph available to the criminal identification section of the department of public safety or to any law enforcement agency.
Penalties for Non-Compliance: A person who is subject to registration and who fails to comply is guilty of a class 4 felony.
Access to Information: Level 1: For level one (low risk) offenders, the local law enforcement agency that is responsible for notification shall maintain information about the offender. The local law enforcement agency may disseminate this information to other law enforcement agencies and may give notification to the people with whom the offender resides. Level 1 offenders are not listed on the state’s website.
Access to Information: Level 2/Level 3: State law requires mandatory community notification on all offenders assessed as a Level 2(Intermediate Risk) or Level 3 (High Risk). Notification shall be made to the surrounding neighborhood, area schools, appropriate community groups and prospective employers. The notification shall include a flyer with a photograph and exact address as well as a summary of the offender’s status and criminal background. A press release and a Level 2 or 3 flyers shall be given to the local electronic and print media to enable information to be placed in a local publication. Information on offenders categorized as a Level 2 or Level 3 is also listed on the State’s sex offender website.
Confidentiality Provision: Information is considered criminal history; violation of confidentiality is a felony.
Number Registered: 15,438 as of 7/1/16
* This number includes offenders who have registered in Arizona but maybe living in another state but are not required to register in that state or who have not registered in that state. If an offender has registered in another state then they are not included in the 14,549.
Percent Compliance: appx. 95% (based on 5% of offenders in absconder status)
Internet Access:
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