Megan’s Law for Delaware

updated 12/14/2017

Contact Person: Sgt. Kelly Wells
Delaware State Police Sex
Offender Apprehension and Registration unit.
Phone: (302) 672-5306
Offenders Required to Register: All offenders convicted of sex offenses specified under Delaware Law, the laws of another state, the United States, U.S. Territories, the U.S. Military, or convicted in foreign countries are required to register. Persons who have been arrested but not convicted are not required to register.
Information Collected: Fingerprints, a photograph of the offender taken within 90 days of his or her release, legal name, aka’s, age, gender, race and physical characteristics of the sex offender, along with any other known identifying factors, the person’s offense history and his or her place of anticipated future residence and employment and places of study. Also, information regarding passports and professional licenses, email addresses and internet identifiers, Social Security Number, information on all vehicles owned or operated by the offender.
Administrating Agency: Delaware State Police
Timeframe for Registration: Prior to release from prison; three days of entering state; within three days of changing address.
Applies to Out of State Offenders: Yes
Duration of Requirement:
  • Tier 1 Risk Assessment level is a 15 year registration, following the Sex Offenders release from Level V (Prison) or 15 years following the effective date of any sentence to be served at level IV (Probation) or below.
  • Tier 2 Risk Assessment level is for 25 years following the Sex Offenders release from Level V (Prison) or for 25 years following the effective date of any sentence to be served at level IV (Probation) or below.
  • Tier 3 Risk Assessment Level is lifetime registration.
Verification of Address: Yes
Penalties for Non-Compliance: Class G felony, parole/probation revocation.
Access to Information: The public can access records regarding every sex offender who is thereafter designated to Risk Assessment Tier 2 or Tier 3 pursuant to this section. Such records shall also include the last verified address for the offender, and shall identify the specific sex offense(s) for which the offender was convicted, and the date(s) of the conviction(s). The records may also include other information designated for public access by the Superintendent of the Delaware State Police. These records shall be searchable by the name of the sex offender and by suitable geographic criteria, and shall be made available to the public upon request through police agencies and public libraries, and by means of the Internet.
Confidentiality Provision: No
Number Registered: 4,699 as of 12/14/17
Percent Compliance: Not Sure
Internet Access:
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