Megan’s Law for Idaho

updated 10/30/2017

Contact Person: Carol Redding (Phone) 208-884-7305; (Fax) 208-884-7193
Offenders Required to Register: Adult sex offenders convicted, incarcerated, on probation/parole on or after statute’s effective date July 1, 1993. Juvenile charged as juveniles convicted incarcerated, on probation/parole on or after July 1, 1998.
Information Collected: Fingerprints, palm prints, photo, other identifying information including physical description, description of conviction.
Administrating Agency: State of Idaho, Idaho State Police, Bureau of Criminal Identification; local & county law enforcement.
Timeframe for Registration:
  • Offender must register within 2 days of entering the County.
  • Offender must register within 2 days of change of address.
  • Offender must register within 2 days of moving into the State.
  • Offender must register in a new jurisdiction (state) within 2 working days of changing residence to that jurisdiction, becoming employed or becoming a student in that jurisdiction. The offender will not be removed from the sexual offender registry in Idaho until registration in another jurisdiction is complete.

There are additional laws that were put in place in the last legislative session – please log into:

Applies to Out of State Offenders: Yes
Duration of Requirement: Idaho is a lifetime registration state. However, offenders can petition after 10 years if their crime is not considered an aggravated offense per the guidelines in our state statute:

Verification of Address: Registration – Annually; Address Verification – every 4th and 8th month after the annual registration
Penalties for Non-Compliance: Penalty for non-registration is 10 years and $5,000 fine
Access to Information: The law allows release of the sexual offender information, which is available via Internet access.
Confidentiality Provision: Yes
Number Registered: 4,630 adults; 83 juveniles, 315 Non-compliant offenders as of 10/31/2017.    ***Every offender in Idaho is displayed on our  website
Percent Compliance: 93%
Internet Access: Idaho Sex Offender Registry

We cannot speak to what the counties have on the web, but we do maintain the information on the above state website. Each County has Offender Watch which they maintain on their own.

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