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updated 7/22/2016

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Regarding the provision of non-predatory/non-sexually violent offender registration information to the public:

Oregon Revised Statutes 163A.215, 163A.220, 163A.225, 163A.230, and 163A.235 outlines the type of information, and under what criteria, the Oregon State Police may or shall release to the public regarding registered sex offenders.

The Oregon Sex Offender Registration (SOR) database contains over 28,000 registrants. The management of this database requires frequent and ongoing updates that reflect the removal of names of those no longer required to register, those now deceased, others that are moving from one community to another, etc.. Also required are regular updates for additions, modifications, and potential corrections.

Individuals, agencies and other organizations requesting these lists should note that based on Oregon Revised Statute 163A.215(1)(a) the Oregon State Police, Sex Offender Registration Section:

“…shall release, upon request, any information that may be necessary to protect the public concerning sex offenders who reside in a specific area or concerning a specific sex offender.”

Due to several legislative changes that have occurred over the past few years, including this past session, the Oregon Department of Justice (DOJ) is in the process of defining the parameters of what criteria is to be utilized for determining the need necessary to protect the public and what defines a “specific area.”

Until the DOJ determination is forwarded to SOR, the provision of general “lists” of non-predatory/non-sexually violent offenders will not be released to the public. Exceptions to this will only be made, in accordance with the requirements of Oregon Revised Statutes upon requests received concerning a specific sex offender (by name).

Information related to Predatory Sex Offenders or Sexually Violent Offenders, as described in Oregon Revised Statutes will continue to be made available to the public through normal operating procedures.

Offenders Required to Register: Any person convicted of a crime:

(a) That would constitute a sex crime if committed in Oregon; or

(b) For which the person would have to register as a sex offender in that court’s jurisdiction, or as required under federal law, regardless of whether the crime would constitute a sex crime in Oregon.

Information Collected: Name, addresses, phone numbers, physical description, photograph, fingerprints, DNA, vehicle information, driver’s license # and SSN. Location and phone number of employment and institutions of education.
Administrating Agency: Oregon State Police.
Timeframe for Registration: Within 10 days of release from a correctional institution, detention center or court; no later than 10 days of changing address; 10 days of moving into Oregon from another jurisdiction. Annual within 10 days of the person’s birth date. Higher Education within 10 days of 1st day of employment or 1st day of class attendance and no later than 10 days after status change in employment or attendance.
Applies to Out of State Offenders: Yes, if convicted for a crime that equates to an Oregon sex crime or required to register in another state; includes persons who compact their supervision or incarceration to Oregon.
Duration of Requirement: Life; may petition for waiver after 10 years if they have been convicted of one C Felony or less; juvenile adjudications only no sooner than two years after release from probation or two years of registering in Oregon if moved into the state.
Verification of Address: County wide sex offender sweeps; higher education institution checks and annual statement mailings.
Penalties for Non-Compliance: Class C felony for failure to complete initial registration. Failure to annually register; or failure to provide complete and accurate information; or fails to submit to fingerprinting or to having a photograph taken of the person’s face, identifying scars, marks or tattoos; or fails to participate in a sex offender risk assessment as directed by the State Board of Parole & Post-Prison Supervision, Psychiatric Security Review Board, Oregon Health Authority, or supervising authority is a Class A misdemeanor. Failure to register change of address or higher education, or failure to sign the sex offender registration form is a Class A misdemeanor or C felony depending on conviction. A person who fails to sign and return an address verification form as required by ORS 163A.040(4) commits a violation.
Access to Information: Community members can contact local law enforcement agencies and request information on registered offenders individually (see information above, under “contact person”). For individuals designated as sexual predators notifications have included television and radio announcements, community meetings, newspaper articles, door-to-door flyers, posting of the offender’s residence and listing on the Oregon Predatory Sex Offender Public website at Method is dependent upon geographic location and population density. Notice may include: name, address, physical description, type of vehicle driven, any conditions of probation, parole or conditions of release, description of primary and secondary targets and method of offense, current photograph, and probation or parole officer’s name or phone number. Standard information released on registered persons not under supervision for their first sex crime includes name, date of birth, address, city, zip code, physical descriptors, and photograph.
Confidentiality Provision: Persons are advised the information provided is for their personal use.
Number Registered: 28,874 as of 7/01/16
Percent Compliance: 79.16%
Internet Access: Oregon Sex Offender Registry –
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