Media Relations

Cooperate with the media. They can be intrusive and annoying, but a television reporter can broadcast an image and the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of a son / daughter to more people in 30 seconds than you can accomplish stapling flyers to telephone poles for 100 years. They can ask questions that feel prying and insensitive but ultimately are valuable.

Some missing child cases are not resolved quickly and can continue for weeks, months, or years. Some cases are never solved. To encourage an ongoing investigation you need the support of a proactive public. If we allow the community to forget the case, the efforts of the authorities will be reduced and the ability to recover your child / a decreases dramatically.

The most effective method of obtaining and maintaining support is to ensure that the public is invested in the welfare of your son / daughter. Radio, television and newspapers provide an opportunity to humanize your missing child, thus emotionally investing the public to assist and support your effort.

We have broken the media experience into three categories: Mainstream Media; Social Media; & Press Releases and Press Conferences. Please feel free to use any of the strategies, examples or ideas as they apply to your situation.

Mainstream Media

Social Media

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