Press Releases & Press Conferences

The best ways to ensure that your message is correctly and regularly communicated to the public and the press is by writing and distributing your own press releases. The most efficient and cost effective way to distribute a press release is to send it via email. In order to do this you must assemble a local media distribution list from reporters that you have met n your quest to recover your missing child. This list can be further augmented by securing email addresses for all local Newspapers, Television and Radio Stations. This can be accomplished through Google searches.

  • Be sure to distribute press releases at least one day in advance of an event so that assignment editors can schedule accordingly.
  • Double space and try to limit length to one page.
  • A well-written press release will contain the following information: Who (missing child); What (purpose of the press release); When (Will the event take place) and Where (Will the event take place).
  • Do not write and distribute uninformed press releases as they will dilute your impact instead of enhance your message.

Press Release

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