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There is never a cost for our service

You can contact the KlaasKids Foundation Search Center by emailing klaaskidssearcher@yahoo.com

linnea-lomaxW-300x479Craig Lomax (Father of Linnea Lomax – Placerville, CA)

We can never repay you for bringing resolve to the gravest, most urgent mystery of our lives. It is likely that we would have never known what happened to our daughter if your [KlaasKids] services were not made available free of charge.

Michelle Le ForeverKrystine Dinh (Cousin of Michelle Le – Oakland, CA)

KlaasKids offered invaluable resources, from media awareness to search center assets. We only hope that other victims’ families can keep having access to KlaasKids in the future.


img-Brianna-Maitland-missing-for-10-yearsBruce Maitland (Father of Brianna Maitland – Montgomery, VT)

When my daughter Brianna Maitland was first missing I ran on pure adrenalin for the first week- searching her last known location, talking to neighbors in the area, going to interview anyone with any information in a semi-panic state. I was just about to hit the wall when Brad Dennis called and offered to help organize a search for her, so I just said, “yes, please come”. Thanks to Brad and KlaasKids, I can use the press, move politicians and work with police, handle legal matters, and continue to press on to find my daughter Brianna.

danielle bellMatt Bell (Father of Danielle Bell – Pensacola, Fl)

Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all the hard work and effort you and your organization has put forth in the search for my daughter, Danielle. There just aren’t enough Thank’s you to express my gratitude.


Elaine SepulvedaJuan & Mary Jimenez (Parents of Elaine Sepulveda – Oak Harbor, Wa)

Words cannot express the appreciation for all your help and support to find Elaine.  Thank you so much for coming out here to search for our Elaine.  You are a good man with a good heart.  May God bless you always.  We thank God that he brought you into our lives to help us find our daughter.

Tamika HustonMayor William Barnet III – City of Spartanburg, S.C. (Tamika Huston – Spartanburg, S.C.)

On behalf of the City of Spartanburg and the Spartanburg Public Safety Department, I would like to take this opportunity to say “thank you” for the KlaasKids Foundation’s assistance with the Tamika Huston case.  As you know, this is an ongoing investigation into the disappearance of Ms. Huston.  Since the foundation does not ordinarily conduct searches for missing adults, we are grateful that you took the time and interest to travel to Spartanburg to help in the search for Ms. Huston.

We appreciate what the KlaasKids Foundation is doing not only for the children, but for parents all across America.  Our children are our future and we must do all that we can to protect them from becoming victims of crime.

Kathy & Marcia of the American Red Cross
(Heather Ross – Tuscaloosa, Al)

Thank you so much for coming from Pensacola to participate in the Ross search. You are such wonderful people to do the many things you do for missing children. It takes very special people to give of their time and talents to make the world a better place. Please know that your family will always be in our thoughts and prayers.

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