Be a Watchdog

Introduction by Marc Klaas

The KlaasKids Foundation advocates legislation that protects our children and victims of violent crime. You can see if your state actively pursues community notification of sex offenders in the Megan’s Law section and here, if they have a victim’s rights amendment.

To find out if your state has implemented Megan’s Law or has a Victim’s Rights Amendment to the State Constitution just click on the links. If you are dissatisfied with the results of your query, simply contact your state legislators and demand that they pursue these important legislative goals.(posted here February 24, 1998)

Megan’s Law        Victim’s Rights

Legislative Update
from Action Review Spring 2007 Newsletter (page 4)

Legislatively we have come a long way since Polly was kidnapped. In 1993, the average convicted child molester spent only 2.2 years in prison, and it seemed as if recidivist violent offenders were serving life sentences on the installment plan, spinning through a turnstile system of justice in which their crimes became bolder and more predatory. In spite of our changing laws, and good intentions, the system is still flawed. Because the individual states control the vast majority of criminal justice, legislation policy remains inconsistent and uncoordinated. The Adam Walsh Children’s Safety and Protection Act should change all of that by forcing states to work together toward a synchronized national strategy. Read more… in the Klass Action Review Spring 2007 (page 4).

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