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The KlaasKids Foundation can leverage our national reputation to promote the Print-A-Thon far beyond the boundaries of your establishment.

  • All program fees are tax deductible because the KlaasKids Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization
  • Press advisories and press releases are distributed to a targeted listing of television stations, radio stations, daily and community newspapers, and social media outlets  within a 40 mile radius of your event location.
  • We can provide you with Beta quality Public Service Announcement (PSA) video introductions for local television and radio stations.
  • We assist in developing low cost but effective advertising strategies such as day care and elementary school parent notices.
  • Your local radio, television stations and newspapers will
    Click on image to learn more about the KlaasKids Foundation

    Click here to learn more about the KlaasKids Foundation

    have direct Skype/phone access to Marc Klaas to support your event with remote interviews or to record public service announcements on your behalf.

  • KlaasKids serves English and Spanish language populations.
  • The KlaasKids website will list your event and provide a hot link to your website.

Facilitating a Print-A-Thon is a win/win for all the parties involved. It allows sponsors to fulfill social responsibility by creating safer communities and provides parents with an opportunity to engage a safety dialog with their children in a fun and positive environment. However the biggest winners of all are the kids, because they receive tools that enable them to make choices and decisions that will help to avoid victimization in the first place

I am happy to answer any questions you may have about our work and can be reached at (415) 235-4227 or mklaas@klaaskids.org. I also invite you to visit our Facebook pages or Twitter feeds to learn more about KlaasKids and the Print-A-Thon.

Marc Klaas

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