Do-It-Yourself DNA Sampling Kit

The KlaasKids Foundation and the State of California DNA Laboratory have created a Do-It-Yourself DNA Collection Kit using common household items. Now, for the first time you can sample and store your children’s DNA with total confidence, but without the unnecessary expense of purchasing DNA Kits which cost between $5.00 and $20.00 per child.

As highly publicized court cases are regularly proving, DNA analysis is fast becoming the “genetic fingerprint” of the new millennium. In its most simple terms, DNA is the fundamental building block that defines us as individuals. Every cell of every living entity contains DNA that is unique to that animal or plant. My DNA is exactly the same in every one of my cells and nobody else’s DNA is exactly like mine.

Required Equipment:

  • One cotton tip/swab
  • Two zip-lock plastic baggies


  • Rub a clean (sterile if possible) cotton tip/swab* on inside of cheek until moist.
  • Let cotton tip/swab air dry for twenty-four hours.
  • When dry, place cotton swab in a zip-lock bag and seal bag.
  • Label with permanent pen – child’s name and sample date.
  • Place in 2nd zip-lock bag and save in freezer until needed.
  • Follow the same procedure for blood sample. However, wait until child scrapes or cuts him/herself before taking sample.
  • You may also save baby teeth in same manner.

* You can also use sterile gauze or a clean piece of filter paper.

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