Home safety

Home Safety

In the United States, nearly 3,000 children die each year at home from unintentional injuries. More than three million children are treated annually in emergency rooms from falls. More than one million children are accidentally poisoned each year. Accidents can be avoided. Here are some simple KlaasKids Foundation Guidelines for safety around the home:

  • Avoid using baby walkers.
  • Install gates with childproof latches at the tops and bottoms of stairways.
  • Use window guards or open windows from the top, as screens are not sufficient to prevent children from falling out of a window.
  • Arrange furniture away from second story windows.
  • Place baby’s crib away from draperies or blinds with cords.
  • Put safety covers over all electrical outlets. Hide electrical cords.
  • Use childproof devices on cabinet doors, drawers and door knobs. Remove sharp utensils and glassware from lower drawers and shelves.
  • Make sure that your children’s toys do not have sharp edges or points that may hurt them. Toys that produce loud noises can damage hearing. Do not allow them to play with electrical toys until they are old enough to do so safely.
  • Playground equipment should be inspected frequently for safety and stability. Playgrounds should have cushioned surfaces such as shredded mulch.
  • House numbers should be carefully marked and visible from the street at night. Address numbers should be clearly posted on a high-contrasting background measuring at least five inches high.
  • Keep all poisonous, flammable, and other dangerous products, plastic bags, medicines, alcohol, glues and spray cans out of sight and reach of small children.
  • Keep a bottle of syrup of ipecac on the medicine cabinet. If your child consumes anything poisonous, immediately call your local poison control center or your physician. You may be instructed to administer syrup of ipecac, to induce vomiting after some poisonings. Do not administer syrup of ipecac unless instructed to do so by a physician.

Source: Child Safety Network

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