School Safety

  • Ensure that children take the trip to and from school with at least one other person. There is safety in numbers;
  • Show your children the safest routes to and from school. Walk on the sidewalk (if available) against traffic and avoid alleys, stairwells and shortcut paths;
  • Children at a school bus stop require vigilant supervision when they are picked up in the morning and when they are dropped off in the afternoon. This can be accomplished via high or low-tech means;
  • Surveillance cameras provide an unblinking eye on all activities within their parameters;
  • Local parents can rotate this responsibility, it can be a neighborhood watch, church, or retirement home project;
  • Establish a safe house along the routes and instruct children to use it if they feel threatened;
  • Know the registered sex offenders who live on the walking routes or near the school bus stops.
  • Educate the children so that they avoid sex offender residences and the people who live in those locations;
  • It’s a good idea for children 10-or over to have a cell phone that they can use in case of an emergency.
  • In case of emergency children should react accordingly. Use their cell phone if they have one, scream, yell and run away from whatever is threatening them.
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