International Travel

Foreign travel should be a wonderful and fulfilling experience. However, as recent events have taught us, there are risks involved traveling to foreign shores. Whether you are sending a teen aged child to discover him/herself through foreign travel or you are accompanying your child/children to foreign countries, one thing is clear.

You leave behind the laws, privileges and customs of your native country.

Instead you become bound by, or are a victim of the foreign language, impenetrable legal system, and other customs of the country in which your child has disappeared or otherwise become victimized.

Although the US Department of State travel website is a good source of information, I want to be perfectly clear that the United States Government will never jeopardize international relationships for the safety of an individual person; and there is not an international treaty/law/or agency that overrides a nation’s sovereignty where crime is concerned.

Therefore certain prevention measures should be taken whenever one is planning to travel abroad:

  • Become familiar with the laws of the countries that you/they plan to visit;
  • Understand that in foreign countries, just as in the USA girls under the age of 18-years-old are the most vulnerable to victimization;
  • Activate your cell phone for international travel or acquire an international calling card;
  • Enter appropriate numbers and keep the cell phone on your person at all times;
  • Carry a photo ID separate from your passport;
  • Carry emergency US Government contact numbers;
  • Don’t climb into cars with strangers, or let your friends do likewise;
  • Understand that many foreign destinations have very conservative views about women, and that you should respect their customs;
  • Remember, you create your best safety plan.

If a crime has occurred:

  • Contact the nearest US Embassy, consulate, or consular agency for assistance;
  • Contact local police to report the incident and obtain immediate help with safety concerns. and request a copy of the police report.
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