Guildlines for Child Safety

The world belongs to the children and we are only holding it in trust until they are old enough to take possession. One way to accomplish our goal of stopping crimes against children and ending child abuse is to arm kids with safety tools based on the most current information and best knowledge available on child safety issues. Although many adults say they will not discuss safety issues because they do not want to frighten their children it is really their own fears that most parents are afraid to face. Just as they seek knowledge in the classroom, acquire athletic ability on the playground and develop social skills with their friends and family, children want the information that arms them with knowledge and allows them to grow up to become safe and productive citizens.

The world is far too complex to depend on any single set of safety tips or rules, therefore we have categorized several important and relevant safety tips for you to share with your kids. Whether they are situational or seasonal, all of the suggestions are pro-active and designed to empower, not frighten your children.

We are also providing parents and primary caretakers with important safety tools as well. Our Child Identification Kit and Do It Yourself DNA Sampling Kit are designed with several goals in mind. Besides being available at no cost, they provide adults with a way to engage very important discussions that are critical to their children’s safety in ways that are positive and empowering, not negative and fear inducing. Remember, the more your child knows, the safer your child will be.

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