KlaasKids Foundation was established in 1994 to give meaning to the death of my twelve-year-old daughter kidnap and murder victim Polly Hannah Klaas and to create a legacy in her name that would be protective of children for generations to come. The Foundation’s mission is to stop crimes against children.

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GENiSYSS Stores Life

  • The GENiSYSS Child Safety Capsule collects all the crucial information for emergency response plus DNA.
  • That includes medical history and information, contact information for family and friends, fingerprints, photos, audios, distinguishing characteristics, all the information law enforcement and medical responders need to quickly search and hopefully find your child. Learn more.


Cocoon for KlaasKids

  • Use the Cloud to protect privacy and data.
  • Provides malware, spyware, & virus protection.
  • Custom Accounts for kids with varying ages and appropriate viewing habits. Learn more.

Klaas Family Housing

Klaas Family Housing

  • Assist the families of qualifying missing children with housing costs. Learn more.

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Megan’s Law

Learn more about this important law. Click here.

Stop Sexual Predators

California Ignoring Jessica’s Law. Learn more.

The HT Report

Human Trafficing in the US No one is talking about except KlaasKids. Read the report.

Donate Your Car

Support the KlaasKids Foundation by donating your vehicle. Learn more.

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