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  • The Victims of Human Trafficking
  • A Gift from the Heart


  • The Milk Carton Project
  • Surviving Parents Coalition
  • Human Sex Trafficking by Marc Klaas


  • The Gift by Marc Klaas
  • A Holistic Approach to Child Safety


  • Cyber Crimes Against Children by Marc Klaas
  • Legislative Update: The Child Safety Act
  • BeyondMissing by Marc Klaas


  • Shooting Victim’s Widow Speaks Out by Denise Brown
  • Bereaved Mother Tells Story on Video by Susan Whitmore
  • Three-Strikes Law Goes Back to Voters by Marc Klaas
  • KlaasKids Foundation Ranks High on Internet


  • Victims Family Sues VH-1
  • Looking at Missing Child Statistics
  • Reexamining Sex Offender Notification by Marc Klaas
  • New Canada Sex Offender Registry Comes Under Fire by Randall Palmer
  • Thank You to out Donors


  • KlaasKids.org Now Se Habla Espanol by Greg Hyde
  • Amber Alert Reality Falls Short of Belief by Marc Klaas
  • Introducing the Laura Recovery Center by Bob Smither
  • BeyondMissing.com Survey Results
  • Remembering My Best Friend Polly by Oona Risling Scholl


  • Monitoring the New Amber Alert System
  • Amber Alert Technology
  • Addressing Amber Alert Issues


  • Are You Feeling Private Today? by Mary Freeman
  • The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act by Parry Aftab
  • Supreme Court Reviews Predator Registration by Suzanne DiNubile
  • The Face of Evil: Technology Against Terror by Joe Diamond


  • Ending Bullying in Our Schools by California Assemblywoman Sally Havice
  • I Am by Andrew Puleo
  • The Non-Profit Challenge in Post Terrorist America by Marc Klaas
  • Thank You to our Donors


  • Michigan Activist Gets Amber Alert
  • Major Grant Awarded to Fund KlaasKids Privacy Projects
  • Why We Should Have the Death Penalty by Nina Salarno-Ashford
  • Why We Shouldn’t Have the Death Penalty by Bud Welch
  • Reflections on the Death Penalty by Marc Klaas


  • Sailor Helps Build Missing Kids Website
  • Legal Wins & Gains Around the U.S.A.
  • Giving Our Kids the Right Start by Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske
  • Victims Families Turn Pain Into Hope by Kim Peterson
  • Mom Uses BeyondMissing to Locate Missing Child by Kim Pendergast


  • Avoiding Predators on the Internet by Teen Angel Susan
  • Project HOPE Meets in Capital
  • Protecting Your Children in Cyberspace by Parry Aftab
  • Thank You to our Donors


  • An Ounce of Prevention for our Youth by David Kaczynski
  • Klaas vs. Kaczynski on the Death Penalty
  • California Bans Profiting on “Murderabilia” Internet Sales
  • California DNA Database Approved
  • Call for Parallel Justice by Susan Herman
  • Ensuring Child Safety in our Schools by Congressman Mike Thompson
  • KlaasKids Supports British Sarah’s Law by Marc Klaas
  • Some Kidnappings Have Happy Endings! by Marc Klaas


  • Searching for Justice: A Mother Speaks by Rebecca Petty
  • KlaasKids Foundation Around the Country
  • Polly Case Artist Memoirs
  • New Child Abuse Resource Guide
  • Stop Profiteering in Human Misery by California State Senator Adam Schiff
  • The Marketing of Murderabilia by Andy Kahan
  • An Animal Can’t be Worth More than a Child by Wendy Dager


  • Reflections on a Friend: Don Richard by John Brodie
  • Foundation Launches 21st Century Programs
  • Operation TRACI Tested
  • Amber Alert Moves Into Michigan by U.S. Senator Spencer Abraham
  • New C.A.R.E. Alert Program Models Amber Program in California by Nina Salarno-Ashford
  • Getting on TRAK to Save Lives by Todd Bower


  • Making Beanie Babies for Polly by Joe Klaas
  • Improving Reporting on Missing Persons by Congressman Rick Lazio
  • Child Personal Safety: What You Really Need To Know by Ken Wooden
  • Thank You to our Donors


  • Child Safety Non-Profits Pull Together
  • Aimee’s Law is Voted In
  • Community Center Works to Ban Bomb Making Websites by Dennis Safron & Joe Diamond
  • Mary Vincent: From Victim to Victor
  • Poem by Regina Sund


  • Remembering Dr. Chris Hatcher by Marc Klaas
  • Upcoming Legislation Redefines Crimes Against Children
  • TV Special Focus on Crime Causes
  • Protecting our Children in the Modern World by Congressman Sam Farr
  • Project H.O.P.E. Helps Families of Kidnapped Children
  • Abducted Girl’s Return Credited to Amber Plan
  • SentryKids Software Eases Child Fingerprinting Process


  • Vital Expansion and Outreach in 1998
  • Parole Watch: Keeping America’s “Most Unwanted” Behind Bars by Joe Diamond
  • New Congressional Caucus Helps to Protect Children by Congressman Nick Lampson
  • Thank You to our Donors


  • Local Teacher Lights a Candle for Polly by Joe Klaas & Vivian Menicucci
  • Memorial Event Honors Polly’s Fifth Anniversary
  • Billboard Magazine Gives Video Rave Reviews
  • “No Second Chances” Bill Targets Dangerous Predators by Congressman Matt Salmon
  • Victims Present Riveting Testimony to Congress
  • Community Notification: Does it Violate Human Rights? by Marc Klaas


  • First KlaasKids Scholarship Awarded
  • Alien Child Molesters Arrested in Sting
  • Safety Video Now Available
  • New Federal Laws Focus on Internet Stalking, EnforcementL
  • Fingerprint Checks for Non-Profits: The Volunteers for Children Act by Congressman Mark Foley
  • Teens Using Guns to Solve their Problems


  • Film Makers Donate New Safety Video by Joe Klaas
  • We’ve Got a New Name!
  • KlaasKids Appearances Around the Country
  • Making Background Checks for Child Care Workers into Law by Ohio State Senator Bruce Johnson
  • You Don’t Have to be Grown Up to Make a Difference by Caroline Gladowski
  • Child Safety Workbook Offers Parents and Communities New Solutions


  • Creative Givers Helping Kids by Joe Klaas
  • Foundation Looks Back on 1996
  • New Video, Public Appearances for Foundation Leaders
  • Let’s Change the Constitution: A Victim’s Rights Amendment by Marc Klaas
  • Sex Offender Public Notification: California’s Bold Step by Randy C. Rossi, California Department of Justice
  • Thank You to our Donors


  • The Wild One Rides Again by Joe Klaas
  • Champion Runs for Children’s Rights
  • Striking at the Source of Crime: Feds & Communities Try Out Major System Reforms
  • California Passes Megan’s Law by Randy C. Rossi, California Department of Justice
  • Polly’s Guide to a Safe Summer
  • Thank You to our Donors


  • Meter Sleuths Seek Missing Kids by Joe Klaas
  • Auto Dealers Rev Up for Child Safety Campaign
  • A New Agenda for our Children’s Safety by Congressman Mark Green
  • Fear is not the Answer: Talking to your Children About Safety by Robert Stuber
  • Thank You to our Donors


  • Doctor Hits Top Speed for Kids by Joe Klaas
  • “KlaasKids Home Page Crawls Onto the Web
  • Gomes is Contra Costa Volunteer of the Year
  • Assuring the Safety of our Children by President William J. Clinton
  • Metromail Profits by Endangering Kids by Blair Richardson
  • 3,000 Kids are Safer in Sonoma


  • Klaas Foundation Musketeers by Joe Klaas
  • Foundation Website Captures World’s Attention
  • Kids Off Lists: New Crime Bill Hearing
  • Sex Offender Registration and Tracking: We Need it Now by Congressman Don Zimmer
  • Data on Children is Easy, Cheap to Get by Jim Herron Zamora
  • Having a Safe Halloween!




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