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Winter-2014 – NEW

  • KlaasKids Search & Rescue Finds a New Home
  • Finding Ways to Remember Joan by Rosemarie D’Alessandro
  • CMACO Joins KlaasKids for Child Safety by Sonia Sandoval


  • Missing Michaela by Sharon Murch
  • A Child Coming Home: Surviving A Family Abduction by Steven Slinkard
  • Still Standing: A Daughter’s Loss Leads To New Beginnings by Rebecca Petty
  • A Poem From Justin Wesley Jones

Fall-Winter 2013

  • 20th Anniversary of Polly’s Tragedy: October 1, 2013 by Marc Klaas
  • KlaasKids Search and Rescue East Coast Team by Brad Dennis

Spring-Summer 2013

  • Playing the Kidnap Super Lotto – and Winning by Marc Klaas
  • Helping Autistic Children Stay Safe by Sgt. Jimmy Donohoe, Pensacola Police Department
  • What the California Administration is Not Telling You by CA State Senator Jim Neilson

Winter 2013

  • Polly’s Guardian Angel Missing Child Alert System by Judy Belk
  • Klaas Family Housing Funds Offers New Hope to Families by Tracy McLaughlin
  • CocoonKids for KlaasKids Protects Children’s IDs Online by Jeff Bermant
  • Dick Tracy-Style Wristwatch Helps Keep Kids Safe by Jason Sullivan
  • Calling for Help with the Press of A Button by Jim Hankin
  • BeyondMissing Ends Mission with Powerful Recovery Record by Marc Klaas

Summer-Fall 2012

  • KlaasKids’s Polly Center aids in Linnea Lomax Search by Marc Klaas
  • A New Constitutional Amendment: Victims’ Rights in America by Marc Klaas
  • California Elections: Why I Oppose Proposition 34 by Governor George Deukmejian
  • California Elections: Proposition 35 & Human Sex Trafficking by Marc Klaas
  • California Elections: Proposition 36 & The Three Strikes Law by Mike Reynolds
  • Polly Klaas to be featured in Crime Victim Memorial Quilt by Kathleen Moore

Spring 2012

  • Have you seen Sierra Lamar? by Marc Klaas
  • On the Other Side: The Search Experience by Kristine Dinh
  • Using Collaborative Computing in Search and Rescue by Laurie Strite
  • Klaaskids Participates in a Coalition of Caring by Kathleen Moore
  • California Death Penalty on the Ballot by Marc Klaas

Winter 2012

  • Join the April National Child Abuse Awareness Campaign by Kathleen Moore
  • California Elections: Understanding the Case Act by Daphne Phung
  • Misssey: In the Trenches with Exploited Youth
  • Why I support the Death Penalty by Marc Klaas


  • Big Rewards for Bad Behavior by Marc Klaas
  • Introduce the Polly Center for Abduction Response
  • Media and the Death Penalty
  • Amber Alert Gets Big Upgrade in 2012
  • Will Your Next Home Help Protect Others? by Greg Bowmann


  • Barry Blansett-In Memorium
  • E-Stop: Protecting Children on Social Networks by Suzanne DiNubile
  • Sex and the Super Bowl: Faces by Tania Inklings
  • How Cell Phones Can Save Lives by Ben Levitan


  • Attending the Melanie Rieger Conference by Marc Klaas
  • Demonstrating the Resiliency of the Human Spirit by David Kaczynski
  • Maggie’s Mission by Maggie Luddy
  • A Voice in the Criminal Justice System by Judge Susan B. Handy
  • The KlaasKids Search Center by Brad Dennis
  • Fireball Run Closes in on the Starting Line


  • Fighting Sex Trafficking at the Super Bowl by Emanuella Grinberg
  • Stop Dat Trafficking: The Story Behind the Super Bowl Sweep
  • Race to Recover America’s Missing Children by Marc Klaas
  • California Finally Cracks Down on “Fauxfiles” by Suzanne DiNubile


  • Mission Possible: The Dramatic Story of Baby Shannon by Brad Dennis
  • Truckers Can Aid in Finding Missing Kids with Your Help by Marc Klaas & Howard Topel
  • Remembering Police Chief Dennis DeWitt by Barry Blanset
  • Remembering Mike Meese by Marc Klaas
  • Protect Your Child Online this Holiday Season by Ellen Ohlenbusch


  • Stop the Raiding of the Victim Compensation Plan by Marc Klaas
  • Repeal the California Statute of Limitations on Sexual Assault by California State Senator Ellen Kontominas Alquist
  • Foundation Supports Criminal DNA Legislation in Nevada by Valerie VanAntwerp


  • Fix the Amber Alert by Marc Klaas
  • Megan is Missing by Michael Choi
  • Solving Crimes with Secret Witness
  • Staying out of Trouble in the City by Claire
  • In Remembrance of Amy Jones by Marc Klaas


  • A Parents Plea to his Daughter by Maurice Dubois
  • The Super Bowl of Sex Trafficking by Brad Dennis
  • Polly Klaas’ Killer has his Day in Court by Debra J. Saunders


  • A Small Act of Kindness by Marc Klaas
  • Should we Legalize Prostitution? by Marc Klaas & Mary Freeman
  • Polly’s Guide to a Safe & Happy Holiday


  • Through the Eyes of a Child by Chip St. Clair
  • Child Sexual Assault Prosecution by Robin Sax
  • Why California Need Proposition 49


  • The Legacy: Three Strikes & You’re Out!
  • Human Trafficking in the U.S.A.: Somebody’s Daughter

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