Relationship with the media

Cooperate with the media: They seem to be intrusive and can become annoying, but can output an image and the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of a son / daughter to more people in just 30 seconds, than what you will accomplish pasting flyers in payphones over a period of 100 years. They can ask questions that feel prying and insensitive but ultimately are valuable.

Some missing children can not be resolved quickly and can continue for weeks, months, years and sometimes not come to solve. To encourage long-term research both decisive and effective, you need the support of a proactive public. If we allow the community to forget the case, the efforts of the authorities will be reduced and the ability to get your child / a decreases dramatically.

The most effective method of obtaining and maintaining support is to ensure that the public is interested in the welfare of their son / daughter. Radio, television and newspapers provide an opportunity to humanize his son, thus making it an emotionally society for research.

To create coherent communication strategies and relevant, you must understand that there are three fundamental differences between the three categories of the press release oral, which is the broadcast and print media, which are newspapers. Radio is the most expressive of the three because it offers the opportunity to communicate immediately. Since many people listen to the radio in their cars, is particularly useful when there are emergencies such as the cases of missing children. Television is present in 93% of households in the United States so it has the ability to create and show emotions through the images we have. We can also see photos and videos of the child that he / she is desperately seeking. Print media, the most rigid of the three, have important details and provides deep analysis. Newspapers and magazines fill the empty spaces, deepen our understanding and allow us to make extensive and informed perspectives.

You can not buy the kind of publicity that the media offer no cost. So although it may seem difficult, must move on and forget your fears. If a reporter asks a question or presents a theory insensitive baseless, breathe deeply and present your case. Remember that there is no bad publicity during the first 24 hours after the rapture when you take into account that her son disappears at the speed of a mile a minute.

Maximize opportunities

Encourage association between traditional but powerful family, community, business, media and authorities to increase the hype surrounding the mystery of the disappearance of their son / daughter. Design a strategy to extend the public interest as long as is necessary to resolve the case. What you should do is get the publicity surrounding the disappearance humanize the victim thus making it an emotionally society research.

  • Find a short term strategy that focuses on the early days after the disappearance, and thus encourage participation consistent daily media (10 day plan).
  • To maintain interest long loop, start preparing a series of events that may occur in the course of several weeks (6 weeks plan).
  • Design strategies for specific areas in your community to make these areas become active participants in the recovery effort of the victim (City Council Wish List).